OYSTERS (ea) Lemon, Tabasco,
DUCK PARFAIT, praline mayo, sour kraut, grated hazelnut, balsamic soy jelly, barrel aged olive oil, smoked salt
GRILLED BABY CALAMARI, crispy mint, lime and chilli
SEARED SCALLOPS, coriander and cashew pesto, red curry emulsion, fish cracker and pickled cucumber
SPICED FRIED BABY CALAMARI, popcorn coated calamari, herb salad and sweet and spicy peanut dressing
BREADED TOFU (V), crispy noodles, coriander, cashew and pomegranate salad with Chinese leaf and creamy sesame dressing
SPRINGBOK TARTARE, miso mayo, marinate cucumber, toasted sesame, comfit egg yolk, pickled shallot puree and crispy shallots
OSTRICH CARPACCIO, balsamic reduction, parmesan, smoked salt and micro salad
SEVRUGA CAESAR SALAD, biltong, dried anchovies, tempura egg yolk, cos lettuce, Sevruga Caesar dressing and parmesan shavings